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As a member of Ixarm, you will :

-  Have an entry on the Ixarm database, the leading on-line resource within the European armament structure. This can be used by the French Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and major defence-sector companies when carrying out market surveys.
-  Be able to describe your activities, products and services, in both French and English. With the powerful Ixarm search engine, you can be sure that a company seeking the skills you offer will be directed to your page.
-  Be better briefed on DGA current and future programmes and research. You will be well prepared for future calls for tender and can publicise your innovative capabilities.
-  Have simplified access to French MINDEF official announcements helped by personalisation function and warning mechanisms facilities of your home page inside the armament portal. Moreover, when available you will be able to download consultation papers (open calls for tender).
-  Have an opportunity to participate in major defence programmes alongside leading prime contractors, thanks to the procurement plans arrangement.
-  Be a member of the Ixarm community and have the opportunity to share ideas on sector-related subjects through the forum.

Today the participation to the Armaments Portal is free to all companies. It will only take you a few hours to create your marketing pages, through which you will be able to get your products more widely known at a European scale.

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