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Mise à jour : 25/01/2012 10:36

Open call for tenders

Open procedure company solicitation folders (CCF - named DCE in French) can be freely downloaded from the Internet.

To download an open-access CCF, just click on the link "Defence public market place" available on the left column of each portal page. The notices search engine is then available : to use this, enter one or more of the key words that characterise the invitation to tender notice, and/or a French Département (corresponding to the area where work is required), and/or the date of issue of the notice, then click on "search". Once the invitation to tender notice has been found amongst the whole list displayed, click on the link "see notice" (in blue text). When the purchasing agency has made provision for the e-transmission of the CCF and when this has been put on line, it may be downloaded by clicking on "Access to solicitation folder" at the bottom of the relevant notice. One then enters the dematerialised bidding area directly at the relevant open procedure.

For an individual identified as a member of the portal, the downloading then starts immediately on clicking on “download the CCF”. Otherwise, the individual will be invited to enter his details (name, forename, company name, email address) so that he can be automatically notified of any changes to the CCF.

Note : an individual identified as a member of the portal may also download the CCF using the nominal procedure that applies to restricted procedures.

There are two options for downloading a CCF : entire or part of file. “part of file” downloading enables its most significant sections to be selected (in particular the consultation regulations), thereby avoiding starting a lengthy download of a large CCF when all that is required is information about the relevance of the consultation to the company. It should however be noted that only a full download ensures that you have the full CCF ; it is therefore highly recommended that you carry out a full download if the company intends to respond to the open procedure.

Once you have decided whether to download the entire or part of the CCF (ticking the relevant sections of the CCF for a partial download) and selected the destination for the CCF files on your computer - hard disk or other storage device - click on “download” to initiate the download.

Once the download is complete, the individual then has access to the CCF (full or partial version depending on the option selected) in the form of a single file in a compressed “zip” format.

NB : to be able to open a “zip” format file, your computer must have a suitable decompression utility (such as Winzip) ; a free evaluation version is available for downloading from www.winzip.com.

Anyone who has downloaded the bidding documents under the open procedure will be automatically notified of any changes, provided they have subscribed to the portal or have left an email address, validated during the downloading.

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