Equipment and ammunition

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Antilope 5 radar

The Antilope 5 terrain-following radar from THALES-Systèmes Aéroportés enables the Mirage 2000-D to fly at very low altitude (60m) at nearly 600 kts under automatic pilot control in conditions of zero visibility.

M53-P2 engine

The M53-P2 engine designed by SNECMA, is a twin-spool turbo-jet which employs the most advanced technologies and combines performance with reliability: the engine produces a maximum dry thrust of 6.5 tonnes and 9.7 tonnes with reheat.
Made by : Snecma Moteurs

BAP 100 bomb

BAP 100: 36 kg anti-runway bomb

BGL 1000 bomb

BGL 1000: 1000 kg laser-guided bomb (LGB).
Made by : MBDA France, MBDA France (Vélizy)

GBU bombs

GBU type 12, 22, 16 and 24: laser-guided bomb mainly used against hardened sites, radars and shelters. The GBU consists of 3 parts: flight computer, Paveway guidance system manufactured by the US company Raytheon and the explosive charge. Differences between versions are:
- GBU 12 uses a 250 kg MK82 core with a Paveway 2 guidance kit.
- GBU 22 uses a 250 kg MK82 core with a Paveway 3 guidance kit.
- GBU 16 uses a 500 kg MK82 core with a Paveway 2 guidance kit.
- GBU 24 uses a 1000 kg MK82 core with a Paveway 3 guidance kit.

BLU 107 Durandal

BLU 107 Durandal: Anti-runway weapon produced by MBDA/Matra BAe dynamics. Durandal has two parachutes that slow its trajectory and position it vertically above the runway. A rocket motor accelerates the bomb violently. Damage caused makes the runway unusable over an asymmetric area 5m by 2m, with cracks in the concrete extending up to 250m2 around the point of impact.
Made by : MBDA France, MBDA France (Vélizy)

Magic 2 missile

Magic 2: IR homing air-air missile manufactured by Matra BAe Dynamics; it weighs 90kg and is optimised for self-protection in close air combat situations.
Made by : MBDA France (Vélizy)

APACHE missile

APACHE: cruise missile being developed by MBDA/Matra BAe Dynamics and intended to neutralise the enemy¿s air bases by releasing 10 sub-munitions following a discrete approach at low altitude. Its range is of the order of 100 km and it is equipped with a self-contained navigation system with radar terminal guidance. It weighs about 1230 kg.
Made by : MBDA France, MBDA France (Vélizy)

SCALP-EG missile

SCALP-EG (Système de Croisière A Longue Porté d'Emploi Général - General Purpose Long Range Cruise System): a single charge stand-off missile derived from the Apache. SCALP is being developed by Matra BAe Dynamics and will have a range of around 100 km; it will be fitted with self-contained navigation and IR terminal guidance. Its weight is of the order of 1300 kg.
Made by : MBDA France (Vélizy)

AS30 Laser missile

AS30 Laser: a supersonic missile developed by MBDA (Aérospatiale Missiles) and designed to attack infrastructure and the most hardened and best defended targets. Guidance is by semi-active homing associated with a laser target designator installed on the launch vehicle.
Made by : MBDA France

Laser designation pods

The laser designation pods PDL-CTS (with IR camera) and ATLIS II (with visible band camera) manufactured by THALES-Optronics enable the Mirage 2000-D to identify ground targets and to deliver precision laser-guided weapons (AS30 Laser, BGL and GBU amongst others). The effectiveness of the laser enables the attacker to remain at high altitude and remote from the target. It can also be used to designate targets for another aircraft.