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Mise à jour : 25/01/2012 10:36


IXARM.COM and the dematerialisation of procedures

The interest that the defence community has shown in the "IXARM.COM " demonstrator that has been on line since 19 December 2000 has encouraged the DGA to pursue this initiative, taking due account of feedback and suggestions from those defence companies that responded to the on-line survey carried out in August 2001.

Two portals cover the whole range of defence procurement :

-  The "ixarm.com" portal which from now on will be exclusively dedicated to “weapons, munitions and combat equipment”, and will cover contracts relating to, on the one hand, advanced research, and on the other, the procurement and in-service support of defence equipment. Registration is therefore limited to suppliers in these fields ;
-  The "achats.defense.gouv.fr" portal covers all other purchases by the ministry of defence (infrastructure, accommodation and administration-related aspects, fuel and oils, medical, support) and is reserved for suppliers in these fields.

CAUTION : If there is any doubt as to the category of your products when you register, it is preferable for you to contact us in advance at : webmaster@ixarm.com. If a mistake is made, the ixarm.com administrator reserves the right not to accept your registration and to transfer it to the "achats.defense.gouv.fr" portal.

Finally, the portal incorporates personalisation functions that enable you, after registration, to receive real-time targeted notification specific to your requirements (depending on your areas of interest).

IXARM.COM and the defence community

The defence portal site aims to be a space where the entire defence community - companies and ministry of defence departments and agencies within France and across Europe - can exchange views and work together. To truly signify these aspects, the Internet portal was named “ixarm.com” :

-  “i” for Internet ;
-  “x” to symbolise the market place in the private sector (short for eXchange) ;
-  “arm” to indicate membership of the armament community, above and beyond the ministry of defence ;
-  “.com” as a logical consequence of these decisions although ultimately this could change to “.eu”.

This name has been well received by users of the demonstrator, and the DGA has therefore decided to retain it.

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