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Portal news

Adaptive maintenance of MTBA communication system (DGA/SPOTI contract) | CS communication systèmes company call for tender for new SRSA system component | Call for tender dealing with new generation of electro-magnetic receivers | Call for tender for the study of a tactical situation control algorithm | Call for tender for the study of algorithms of merging and quotation | Call to tender for mission data recording for Mirage 2000 Aircraft | Crew Mission Planning System | DGA/SPART RFI dealing with "MAPESD" | Delivery & support of helicopters for pilote's training | Demonstration of a dual-mode seeker (IR/active laser). | Four Requests For Informations related to evolution of the trial installations of DGA | French Air Force Intranets / IP Local Area Networks - Request for Information | French MOD launches its first Public Private Partnership | Future multi-role armoured vehicle  | Introduction of a bank financing mechanism for factoring of defence | List of contracts notified in 2005 by the French Ministry of Defence | Maintenance in operational condition (MCO) of local controls of aerodrome (CLA), of French navy bases (Landivisiau, Hyères and Nîmes-Garons). | Maintenance of surveillance, collection, landing and trajectory radars and associated systems in service in the French armed forces. | NATO CBRN symposium in France | Navy SLPRM Systems call for tender | PP30 : The 30-year prospective plan of the Ministry of Defence  | PPT (tactical trucks ): | Presentation of SCORPION on 07/19/2007 at Arcueil | REQUEST FOR INFORMATION ABOUT DIGITAL MODELING AND SIMULATION SERVICES | REQUEST FOR INFORMATION RELATING TO AN ENGINE DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM  | RFI for Multipurpose Safeguarding and Assistance off-shore vessels | Realisation of miniatures UAVs. | Register to the “In service monitoring: OLM-SHM-HUMS” conference | Request For Information (RFI) about the maintenance of mechanical, climatic and electromagnetic testing facilities | Request for information (RFI) about the supply of smalls equipments and laboratory consumables | Request for information about technical service offering (of which the service support (“maintenance”) is a part) associated to the radar used for the trajectory determination | Request for information for synthetic training of NH90 aircrew and maintenance staff | Request for information for the realisation of the SCORPION operation for Land forces | Request for information related to optical systems for trajectory determination and observation | Request for information related to production of special wheels used for a mobile platform | Request for information related to project management in the maintenance of electrical systems area | Request for information related to project management in the maintenance of test bench | Request for information related to the market offer in the acquisition radar systems sector | Request for information related to the migration to a digital video system | Robotic and embarked combat for ARTIST demonstration | Robotics technology platform in order to realize operational land deployment | STRIDA/SCCOA network system maintenance | Six new components for SCCOA3 procurement plan | Thales communication RFI for SAIM hardware | The CENZUB will be the Army CTC's for FIBUA operations | The DGA Scientific policy and Objectives | The French Strategic Plan for Research and Technology (PS R&T) is on the net  | The french MOD market place presentation | Two news components for SCCOA3 procurement plan | UK advert for MOD Website | What kinds of military WANs for 2010 and afterwards? | Workshop about "Components and Technologies for Defence & Security" | design and development of a prototype Active Decoy Round

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