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Contracts and opportunities

The e-procurement place

The "Contracts and opportunities" section gives access to the "e-procurement place" (named in French "Salle d’Acquisition Dématérialisée - SACD). This is a secure site for managing the electronic exchange of information between the Ministry of Defence and companies in accordance with the provisions of the public procurement contracts code (CMP).

The "e-procurement place" can be accessed by defence manufacturers on the www.ixarm.com portal and offers the same services in support of all other MINDEF procurements (infrastructure and building work, information systems and networks, routine supplies, maintenance, provisions, medical equipment, fuels) from within the "www.achats.defense.gouv.fr" portal.

This represents an annual volume of some 10,000 consultations on behalf of more than 200 purchasing agencies and about 15 billion euros in orders per year.

The "e-procurement place" offers access to the various notices (Prior information, Invitation to tender notice, Contract award, etc..) published as part of the MINDEF solicitation process. The "e-procurement place" enables companies to download on line company consultation folder (CCF named DCE in French) and to transmit electronically their submissions (candidatures and bids) for those consultations for which e-transmission has been authorised.

Defence research

This section offers information on the organisation of defence research :

-  Advanced research.
-  Operational and technico-operational research (EOTO).
-  Predictive defence research of a political-military, economic or social nature (EPMES).

It also provides a range of information relating to the guidance laid down by the DGA in respect of key technical and technological fields that need to be mastered to support future defence programmes

(More information on this topics on the official DGA website) - only available in French.

Special arrangements

This section provides details of the special arrangements set up by the DGA in the defence field.

-  Exploratory research and Innovation - This arrangement aims to promote innovation by defence SME/SMI by giving them the chance to win a contract based on a spontaneous proposal of an innovative nature with potential defence interest.

-  Scientific Research and Innovation - The main missions of the MRIS (Mission for Scientific Research and Innovation) are to strengthen defence research activities in science and basic technologies, to put forth a science policy for defence, to renew the synergies with the spheres of industrial and academic research and to identify and mobilise the required resources.

-  ANVAR Support - Defence SME/SMI can benefit from the repayable loans available under the funding scheme set up by the DGA with the national agency for research promotion (ANVAR).

Procurement plan

The DGA’s purchasing policy is, wherever possible, based on competition, and this applies at all levels of the product tree structure. However, with the merging of defence companies and the policy of assigning greater responsibility to prime contractors when they commit themselves to achieving overall targets, a significant number of DGA contracts for defence equipment will still be awarded without any competitive tendering when the (prime) contractor is selected.

In such a situation, the DGA negotiates conditions with the prime contractor for competitive tendering between sub-contractors, at the level of what is termed a procurement plan.

The procurement plan approach therefore applies mainly to the negotiated procedure without competition. It would be very unusual for it to be applied to negotiated procedures with competition.

This approach meets the following objectives :

-  The state to achieve a price that reflects the competitive tendering organised by the prime contractor who holds the contract,
-  Equality of treatment of sub-contractors,
-  Promotion of technical innovation in the case of advanced research.

International organisations

The IXARM portal aims to become a European market place for the defence industry.

In this context, the IXARM portal currently publishes those NATO intentions to purchase in which France is participating.

OCCAR (the Joint organisation for armament co-operation) can publish information relating to its consultations on line.

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