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Mise à jour : 05/05/2010 09:56


"Armament portal" & "Defence public market place" conception

Here after, the main actors of the "Armament portal" & "Defence public market place" projects :

as prime contractor and IT development agency for "ixarm.com" & "achats.defense.gouv.fr" portals

BECPOINTCOM web design agency has performed artistical management of "ixarm.com" armement portal

Colt Telecom
Colt Telecom France is in charge of hosting "ixarm.com" & "achats.defense.gouv.fr" portals and also "Dematerialised solicitation room (SCDM)" hosting

APX maintains armement portals "Ixarm.com" and "Achats.defense.gouv.fr".

for the development and access of the "Dematerialised solicitation room (SCDM)"

for the software solution for consultation preparation support.

Defence industry

We thank the entire defence industry that has supported and encouraged us throughout the initial experimental phase of "Ixarm.com".

Public contract monitoring

The Public Contract information monitoring service is provided by SERVOMAP : Public and private contract data service.

SERVOMAP collects information as published in the OJUE, the BOAMP, the regional daily press (PQR), the weekly regional press (PHR), and the weekly specialised press (PHS). This is formatted and supplemented with additional information before being put on line (for example the original publication serial number for corrections or attribution announcements).

servomap - 19, rue du Commandant Cousteau - 33072 BORDEAUX Cedex Phone : - Fax : - Email :servomap@servomap.fr

Armament news

Reports contained in the section “Armament news” are provided by Agence France Presse (AFP) and are subject to copyright protection as described in the “Copyright” section of the portal.

Software solutions

"ixarm.com" & "achats.defense.gouv.fr" portals used the following language and software applications : SPIP, APACHE, MySQL, PHP & NPSDP.


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