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AGATE framework

AGATE is the name of a methodology used to manage the architecture of communication and information systems (CIS). It is designed to :

-  provide a common framework for describing CIS architectures,
-  ensure that this framework is applied by linking the various phases of a project,
-  offer common baselines for objects modelling,
-  simplify access to knowledge,
-  provide tools for CIS governance initiatives : mapping existing situations, analysing the impact of changes, preparing baselines for target architectures, creating indicators for IT division management charts, etc.

The AGATE V3 reference manual (40 Mo downloading file only available in french) is composed of HTML pages gathered inside "S-CAT n°10002 guide", It joins the following parts :

-  architecture views and view choice ;

-  the modelling objects and options ;

-  the objects modelling baselines ;

-  the glossary ;

-  the AGATE charter for use ;

-  standard contract clauses ;

-  the AGATE "meta model" ;

-  the training aids guide also usable as self-training guide ;

-  the AGATE shapes for VISIO 2003 "standing-alone" AGATE support tool ;

-  additional applications to VISIO 2003 increasing the "standing-alone" support tool functionality ;

-  download documents (additional application user guide for VISIO, MADIOS V2, etc.).

For further details, please contact Jacques Montagny :

-  phone : +33 (0)1 41 46 20 74,
-  fax : +33 (0)1 41 46 26 49,
-  e-mail : jacques.montagny@dga.defense.gouv.fr


AGATE guide (Zip 40 Mo)

AGATE Tryptic (PDF 1.4 Mo)

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