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Mise à jour : 14/01/2015 09:56

The armament sector

To ensure its defence, France has equipped itself with a range of modern, advanced and cost effective weapon systems. This requirement is met by, amongst other things, a French and European defence industry that is renowned for its expertise and the performance of its products.

The “Armament sector” page on the IXARM portal provides information on the equipment, players and products in this field, as well as the services offered.

Latest news from the armament world

To keep you informed about the main events impinging on the defence sector, IXARM offers you a list of targeted announcements, updated daily.

Weapon systems

For each key programme in development or production, the armament portal presents a technical description including the primary equipment and associated weapons. It also describes the respective contribution of defence companies, and lists the many nations that have put their trust in these world-renowned systems.

European armament structure

The European armament structure is a keystone in the building of the European Defence Initiative. It has led in particular to international Research and Technology (R&T) cooperation intended to pool budgetary, scientific and industrial assets and optimise the individual resources of each nation. This is paving the way for a community of future systems and parallels developments in industry, which is becoming increasingly trans-national. This initiative also aims to give companies a domestic market on a European scale to improve their competitivity over their rivals throughout the world.

Companies, products, services

The French and European armament community provides high quality products¸ including complex systems and the components involved in their manufacture. It also offers high-grade services, which are adapted to the special needs of the world of defence. IXARM makes it possible to get to know the major purchasing agencies, equipment suppliers and the small high technology companies. IXARM also offers you specific “tools” to make contacts or to seek partners.

Collaborative platform

The “Collaborative platform” project aims to provide a single advanced communication solution to all those involved in the defence community for their exchanges of technical, contractual and financial information.

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